Apples, Pears & Juices

At Horlands Farm we have a long history of fruit production which still continues today.  Along with our existing orchards in the winter of 2010 we planted a traditional orchard.  This orchard is full of different unusual old varieties of apples, plums and cherries.  The 180 trees have been planted much wider apart than nowadays commercial fruit, this allows the use of the land between the trees for grazing livestock.  These trees will take time to produce fruit but at present we can still offer a variety of apples and pears that can be purchased in boxes in the autumn.

You can also purchase all year round some of our single variety fruit juices.  In the autumn we pick the apples we then take the fruit to a juice processors where our fruit is professionally pressed, pasteurised and bottled into one litre glass bottles.  Bottles are available individually or in boxes of 6.  

If you would like to try some of our juice please contact Richard on 01622 831598 or email:  

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