Conservation - Higher Level Stewardship Scheme

Here at Horlands Farm we take our responablilties to the the natural world seriously.  As part of our continued commitment to this in 2009 Horlands farm signed up to a ten year agreement with Natural England - 

The Higher Level Stewardship Scheme is a competitive scheme open to farmers who want to make improvements to there farms with the aim of conserving wildlife, promoting public access to help with understanding of the countryside and to protect natural resources.

As part of our agreement we have:

Annually sown a Pollen and Nectar Mix Area - to provide a feed source for bee and insects

Annually sown a Wildbird Seed Mixture Area - to provide winter feed and cover for various bird species

Planted a new Woodland area

Regenerating another area of Woodland

Planted 800 meters of new hedgerows

Planted 180 traditional standard trees of some 22 different old varieties of apples, plums and cherries.

Put up 20 bird and mammal boxes

We also have areas of scrub land, and a reedbed .  We have also made management changes to the farm such as only cutting hedgerows once every two to three to allow the hedges to bear more fruit for birds etc and we have areas of our grassland that have no agrochemicals applied to them. 

This is an on going process so if you have any ideas of what we could do to provide habitats for wildlife please let us know. 

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