Horlands Farm offers packs of lamb direct to the consumer.  Our sheep are fed a natural grass based diet which means they are slow maturing.  The lambs are born on the farm when matured they are butchered locally meaning they generate very few food miles.

The life cycle of our Sheep

Our sheep year starts in November when the ewes (female sheep) are mated by the rams (male sheep).  The sheep then graze the pastures until February when they are brought indoors.  The sheep are then fed hay and sheep pellets. Then in April the ewes give birth.  They are kept indoors for a few more days to make sure the mothers and lambs get a chance to bond.  Then they are put out to pasture.  The lambs grow by drinking their mothers milk and eating grass. Then in August the lambs are weaned.  This gives the mothers a break...before going back to see the rams.  The lambs are  fatten outdoors on grass, hay and some additional sheep feed.  This means our lamb meat is available from September to February as the lambs mature.

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